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Qt Game Engine

A game engine for the Qt framework.

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Code of Conduct for Contributers

In short

Be kind, classy, and professional. Hold a high standard for yourself.


I would like to foster a tightly knit group of contributers that take pride in all aspects of their character. Take pride in the quality of your contributions but also in how you interact with other contributers, as well as how you carry yourself in general.

Be kind.

Written text often has a rude tone by default, so make a conscience effort to be kind.

Be considerate.

Do not try to be overly concise and “efficient” by writting something like “inadequate code quality” in response to a pull request. The author of the pull request put in time and effort to craft it. Put in enough time and effort to give him a more thoughtful response.

Be humble.

While it’s great to be a know-it-all, no one likes a flaunting one. Be confident, but stay humble. Consider that others’ ideas/implementations may be good too. (Being humble has the added benefit of keeping you hungry, it prevents you from becomming too content, so that you keep on grinding.)

Be classy.

No crude or distastefull statements/jokes on here.

Be professional.

Keep the horseplay to a minimum. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun and taking breaks, but stay disciplined enought to keep it to a minimum. Seperate horseplay and work time. We are lucky to be in a field where our work is fun, thus horseplay is not needed in excess.

Be positive.

Try not to be overly pessimistic about peoples’ contributions/ideas. Have “dreamer” goals for the project, but at the same time be willing to put in the work (in the long run) to make the dream become a reality. Try to give people a compliment before you deliver your criticism. If you keep an open mind and think optimistically, it is easy to see at least one or two legit things to compliment about before delivering the criticism.

Obvious things

Do not do things that are obviously not appropriate in professional environments, such as posting illegal content, saying distasteful things, being plain rude/aggressive with others, etc. I am embarrased that I even have to mention this.